Technical Rules

  • The first entry is not limited to any kind of theme. Feel free to create a website on any topic and material that is valid under the regulations of this competition. However, after the first qualification round, at each successive rounds the organizers will provide the participant with the theme for website development. More information on this will be provided once you are selected.
  • Innovative and creative websites are highly encouraged. Please feel free to try any kind of new ideas for development of the website.
  • Websites with animation can be used.
  • PHP, ASP.Net and HTML programming language/ platform can be used to build the website.
  • Only the library file from J-query can be used for coding (If java and/or J-query has been used, it is mandatory that you must cite your work).
  • Use of any kinds of templates are not allowed and will result to elimination.
  • Use of CMS framework is restricted.
  • You cannot present someone else’s work as yours. This is considered to be plagiarism and you will be disqualified from the competition and taken serious actions upon.
  • The length of the website can be set as the developer deems necessary for the first round of entry. However from then on, the organizers will provide the participants with specific guidelines and criteria for development.
  • The website should be fully functional. All the links within the website that connect to sub-pages should be working. Any videos or other graphical elements should be functional as well. Please make sure that your work is compatible with most of the browsers.
  • If the developer adds a video to the website, adding video from website like youtube, vimeo, google etc is permitted.
  • Integration of the social media, such as but not limited to, Facebook, twitter and g+ is encouraged, but not mandatory.
  • Making the use of comments while coding is highly encouraged and will lead to positive marking.
  • Inclusion of potentially harmful links in the website will be deemed as a threat to our system security and is also an act of cybercrime. Hence, if found so you will be reported to the respective authority.