About Sastra Creations


Sastra Creations is a privately held company with creative, multi-talented web designers and developers who are experienced in designing and developing professional and suitable websites for your business. We provide wide range of services including web design and development, mobile application development, web hosting, including software solutions.

We create designs that work for you and your business. We know you first then your business. This process helps us identify your target audience and produce creative designs that work and appeal to your target audinece in any possible way.

Our approach is centered on best practices, but it is also fluid and collaborative, like the online environment itself. Mobile, social, blog-based sites, location aware services helping you find the right digital strategy has much less to do with what is new than what is relevant to the goals of your business and the motivations of the people it serves. Working together, we will distill your true story, then use creativity and technology to share it with the world.

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1To increase the scope and awareness of ICT in Nepal.

2To provide various IT services at a very economic rates.

3To enhance knowledge about ICT and its benefit, especially in a nation like Nepal.