Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of website can I submit?

There are few guidelines that we have for the website design and development. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations and the Technical Details section for more information on this.

Where do I Register?

You can register online through the online registration form.

What documents do I need to register

We need you to fill up the online registration form ,send us a scanned copy of your valid Student ID card and also the payment confirmation for us to verify your registration. Please refer to the Payment and Policies section for more information on this.

What if one of the team members withdraws?

Once registered and verified, it is the responsibility of the participants (and team) to submit their project on time. Once verified, the team and individual remain constant.

Do I have to be a Nepali resident?

Yes, you need to be residing in Nepal and actively enrolled as a student at an accredited educational institution that grants high-school or college/university (or equivalent) degrees, in Nepal.

Can i make use of anykind of CMS?

No, Use of CMS is not allowed in the competition. Using a CMS or similar framework will result in termination.

What are the Platforms Allowed?

Mainly, HTML/CSS also use of PHP and ASP is allowed in the competition. Any other platform that will be used will not be entertained.

I made the payment. What Next?

Please scan the copy and send it to

How do i know i am registered?

We will send you an sms or most of the times e-mail. So, please check your e-mail and provide us with valid e-mail address.

How do i submit the project?

You can e-mail us the entire project or drop the project at our office located at Dhobidhara, Putalisadak.

For more queries E-mail Us at or CALL US : 4441853