About Computer Association of Nepal


Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) was established in 1992 with the involvement of professionals, specialists, manufacturers, institutions and the related organization of Computer and Information Technology sector in Nepal. It is the umbrella organization with membership based ranging from (Information and Communication Technology) ICT institutions, associations to the individuals working in this sector. It works along the lines of an autonomous, non-political, non-partisan, non-profitable and service oriented organization. Its activities are targeted to assist in the utilization, enhancement and promotion of computers and information technology within the country and help to develop strategies to meet the necessary requirements for the development of literacy and skills regarding computer science. And provide and protect the necessary rights and privileges, benefits to individuals, institutions, companies and organizations affiliated to the activities of CAN.



1To enhance and promote ICT within the country.

2To facilitate for making ICT strategies.

3To provide and protect necessary rights related to IC.

4To create awareness about ICT within the country.

5To develop a platform for the public to raise ICT issues.

6To enhance international and inter agency relationship.