About Competition


We believe that most businesses today have realized the importance of having an online presence – whether that be through a website, or a Facebook page, or a Twitter profile, etc. An effective and powerful website can attract more customers and increase the sales for any business. Website is a key medium for providing information about any business to prospective customers. It is a powerful sales tool that allows to address visitors concerns, give them the information they need to make a decision and create compelling calls to action.Not only that websites can also be used to for various other purposes. E-commerce websites provides consumers with the facility to shop online at home. E-governance websites provides important information on the government system and also helps to maintain records and logs on critical information of the governing bodies. There are various other portals that provide a good platform for business, organizations, and other types of companies. Websites today has become a very important means of communication and also a way to make life easier. Having mentioned the importance of website, in Nepal there is not much awareness about the importance of websites, even the importance of ICT. Thus the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) and Sastra Creations Pvt. Ltd have taken this opportunity to jointly organize a competition that will reflect well on the importance of websites. Islington Nation Wide Web Competition is the first of its kind. Having been officially launched on 2nd Jan, 2013, this competition will end on the 12th of April with the Award Ceremony. This competition expects to generate as many participants as possible.


    You are Eligible If

  • You are a Nepali Citizen
  • You are a Current Student
  • You know web development
  • You are not working at CAN or Sastra Creations


1To provide oppurtunites to the creative minds of the Nation.

2To help participants gain more knowledge in this field.

3To generate knowledge about website and its importance.

4To unite all students interested in this field.

5To build ground for hosting similar International Event.

6To help Nepal get recognition as a HUB for Web Development.